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Founded in 2010 by Tia Ross, Boss Events & Travel LLC is a global event and group travel planning firm based in Texas.

World-Class Meetings


We work closely with our clients to plan, execute, and manage your meetings worldwide, employing customized bootstrap budgeting strategies and financial management techniques without impacting the quality of your event. We listen to your specific needs, requirements, and even your “would be nice to have” wishes to help you create the event of your dreams. You can relax with confidence that the details are covered and focus on programming your event.



Tia Ross has over 20 years of experience planning and coordinating events across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. She is an expert in launching high-quality startup conferences and retreats within budget. Tia began her career as a conference planner in 1998 while serving on the board of a writers’ association. She spearheaded her own first conference 23 years ago in 2000 in Atlanta—with a team of five, 27 presenters, two keynotes, and nearly 400 attendees—and she and her team have been planning incredible events ever since.

Tia is a certified travel advisor and groups specialist with the advantage of first-hand experience touring and living in the regions she sells. She has lived in Central and South America and extensively toured the Caribbean and North America, along with earning Destination Specialist/Certified Expert certifications in Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, Virgin Islands, Saint Maarten, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia, to name a few. 

Aside from events and travel, Tia is also a sought-after copyeditor and the owner of an editing firm with a team of three elite editors. She edits for four of the “Big 5” publishers—Hatchette Book Group, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin Random House—along with leading corporations, associations, and independent clients.

Excellence • Integrity • Quality

Our Mission & Values

Boss Events & Travel was founded on the principles of three P’s. Powered by passion, driven by purpose, with and by people who are led by a relentless passion to empower, uplift, motivate, encourage, and support others to envision and create, to achieve their dreams, and to influence others in positive, impactful ways. We aim to operate with the highest of standards, ethics, integrity, and professionalism in all we do.

What Clients Say About Boss Events & Travel


“Tia is an expert in the realm of producing and directing conferences. I’ve attended one of her conferences twice and each time, the event has been phenomenal. Tia’s creative genius yields an atmosphere that’s conducive to networking, education, and sales all at the same time. Her planning and execution skills are flawless as each conference has flowed seamlessly, without any quirks or disruptions. I highly recommend Tia to direct and produce your next conference. With her high level of professionalism and expertise she has produced a brand of excellence to ensure that your conference will be an event to remember.”

Sherrice Thomas


“As an international speaker whose presentation successes can be credited to efficient, unflappable event planners and conference directors, I’m using this space to thank Tia for being just such an event planner. I’ve had the pleasure of following her lead at conferences two years in a row and have been grateful to her for her guidance ever since.”

N. Kali Mincy

Author & Speaker

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