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"Tia Ross was instrumental in making the Editorial Freelancers Association 2019 conference a success. From venue scouting and negotiations to budget oversight to arranging for on-site A/V, she was organized and kept us focused on where we needed to be at every stage throughout the pre-conference timeline. And at the conference itself, she actively engaged with and responded to situations as they arose. As a nonprofit organization relatively new to the event planning world, we felt she understood our mission; we especially appreciated her guidance on negotiations and budgetary matters and felt confident we were in good hands. Highly recommended."
Christina Frey
Co-Executive, Editorial Freelancers Association
"Boss Meetings' Tia Ross is an expert in the realm of producing and directing conferences. I’ve attended her conferences twice and each time, the event has been phenomenal. Tia’s creative genius yields an atmosphere that’s conducive to networking, education, and sales all at the same time. Her planning and execution skills are flawless as each conference has flowed seamlessly, without any quirks or disruptions. I highly recommend Tia to direct and produce your next conference. With her high level of professionalism and expertise she has produced a brand of excellence to ensure that your conference will be an event to remember."
Sherrice Thomas
"At the Editorial Freelancers Association conference in Chicago, Tia's pre-production skills were evident, as every room was equipped in advance with the correct audio and settings for both speakers and guests alike. Tia was on-time, extremely organized, on the ball and attentive to everyone's needs. Her "can-do" and problem-solving approach, and her capacity to make educated decisions at stressful times, with a positive attitude, made her an invaluable asset to the conference and allowed all of us to truly enjoy ourselves. I would highly recommend Tia Ross for any event you have to plan and look forward to working with her again in the near future."
Linda Ruggeri
“Kudos on another wonderful conference. Tia’s gift is God given and with her gift, she blesses all of us.”
Dr. Jacqualyn Green
“I attended a writing conference that Tia organized and produced. The event really showcased her in-depth knowledge. From the professionally designed website and marketing materials, to the selection of relevant content and a great panel of industry professionals, Tia definitely demonstrated her expertise in the field. I’m looking forward to working with her on some upcoming projects.”
Dionne Hayes
"Whenever plans an event the first person we call is Tia Ross. Tia is the best in the business. She is detailed oriented, knows the ins and outs of my literary business, and above all she is trustworthy. She has helped us with our National Book Club Cruise as well as our local author book signings, and everything always goes smoothly. If you are looking for the best, then you need to put Tia’s number on speed dial."
Pam Walker-Williams
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A wonderfully inspiring event for writing, but also the spirit. Congrats Tia! You’re a star! The conference was a raging success on every level and has given me ideas for our own Aboriginal Writers Conference in Wollongong this year. I left inspired and better skilled.”
Dr. Anita Heiss
“Vision is an extraordinary event to witness. It involves, passion, diligence, structure, dedication, and a little bit of hell raising to accomplish your goals. This is the legacy of Tia Ross. The hallmark of a successful business person lies not only in how they produce and execute plans according to schedule, but how their character during the process allows others to be inspired, to believe, to exceed, and to win. This is the Tia Ross brand of business. I have worked with Tia on numerous occasions through her conferences. Her flawless execution of conference planning is second to none. It requires an extraordinary amount of details, follow-up, communication, and execution. She puts so much of herself into her conferences (and brand, for that matter), not because she wants accolades, but because she believes in the power of conference planning, relationship building, and bringing people with a common bond together to network, support, and build one another up. I am amazed that she defers to her support staff, conference attendees, and vendors as the reasons for her successes. However, were it not for her belief in us, we would never have, in one group setting, learned the value of networking, due in part to her writers conferences. Tia is exceptionally talented, and her bandwith of knowledge as it relates to planning, information technology, website development, and communication allows her to be the subject matter expert to many different people. Her support for all of us as writers, editors, public speakers/public relations, and conference organizers have created a powerful network of people that owe her infinite gratitude for her level of service to us, impeccable professionalism, and countless layers of advice that she offers. It is impossible in one setting to expound upon the value that Tia Ross brings to any organization or person. She delivers results that are quantifiable, tangible, and qualitative. She is, simply the best at what she does.”
Patricia Haley
“I’ve attended MANY writers conferences and book festivals over the years, and I must say, Tia Ross of Boss Meetings puts on some of the best. She has a savvy business sense and is a fierce negotiator, which enables her to keep things affordable for conference participants. Multi-tasking is her special skill, and although she wears many hats, she does it all with quality and competence. She is also kind, gracious, and responsive, and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.”
Steph Casher
“As an international speaker whose presentation successes can be credited to efficient, unflappable event planners and conference directors, I’m using this space to thank Tia for being just such an event planner. I’ve had the pleasure of following her lead at conferences two years in a row and have been grateful to her for her guidance ever since.”
N. Kali Mincy
“Congratulations on a job well done. I have never been to a more enjoyable and smoothly run conference in all my years in publishing and there’s been a lotta years lemmetellya. And I’m not the only person who thinks so. Thanks again for your careful attention to detail and comfort.”
Carol Taylor
“I don’t think I’ve attended a conference that was so well-planned and organized. Everything that was on the agenda to take place did. We walked away with an abundance of information.”
Joylynn Jossel
“Since its inception, Tia's writers' conference has been considered by many to be an unparalleled example of what a writers’ conference should be—an event filled with fluidity, distinction, and value. Tia is an inspiration due to her dedication to and success in empowering others to pursue their dreams. She envisioned and brought into fruition a movement that is positive, meaningful, uplifting, inspirational, and thoroughly professional—all at the same time.”
C. Mikki
“Tia, know that you and your staff organized a fabulous convention. I came away with so much information! Thank you!
Alicia Williams
“I didn’t get a chance to tell you how awesome the conference was. I met so many great people and I learned so much. I had my expectations, but I left on Sunday morning feeling more fulfilled and inspired than I had ever expected. I met a host of other wonderful writers who came with the hopes of spreading their God-given talents and making impacts on the world. I immediately felt like I was in my element, with people who understood me and my purpose."
Monique Mensah
"I love Tia's attention to detail. Not only is she excellent in her field, she brings along the confidence and expertise to get the job done...and done with a smile."
Diane Dorcé
"As an author, I meet many people in my travels, but few have impressed me like Tia Ross. What I admire most about Tia is that she is not only a visionary, but she is also an implementer--she envisions a conference, develops the plan and brings it to fruition. She envisions a website, a brand, with tentacles that reach into different media, and she makes it happen. I have known Tia since 2000. She is professional, reliable, passionate, and committed."
Sharon Ewell Foster
"I have known Tia for several years and during all that time I still learn something different about her each time I work with her. She's one of the most professional and at the same time, fun-loving people that I have ever met. The vast level of experience and skills that she has acquired over the years makes her a valued ally and a formidable opponent. She is someone who believes that you are never too old to learn and she is always open to new things and fresh ideas. Tia is one person that I know will always speak frankly and tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not...and I love her for that! Tia's impressive resume speaks for itself. As a meeting planner, she is one of the best and as a business professional and colleague, she is next to none! I truly value her as a business and industry partner and I cherish her as a friend!"
Dvorah Evans
"Tia is a consummate professional. I've attended several of her conferences. They were well-organized and informative."
Evelyn Palfrey
"In 2008 I had the pleasure of attending a conference Tia created. It was the first writers conference I had ever attend. Ms. Ross, produced a thought-provoking lineup of top-flight seminars hosted by some of the most knowledgeable lecturers in the literary business. After registration I got the chance to meet Ms. Ross and talk about how things were going. She was openly engaging and interested in my experience. During the conference she went above and beyond to make sure everything needed was taken care of. Throughout the weekend Ms. Ross was seen chatting with each of the authors who were in attendance. As the producer of the event she made sure her staff was well-versed so when she couldn't be there any problem was dealt with swiftly and professionally. I recommend Ms. Ross without any reservation."
Keith K.L. Belvin
"Of the many things which I like and respect about Tia Ross, these are two of my favorites: 1) Tia's extraordinary tenacity in building her business the right way and 2) Her strong ability to endear herself to attendees who repeatedly attend her conferences year after year after year. (If I were planning a professional conference, I'd turn to Tia.)"
Vincent Wright
"Tia’s innovative thinking and leadership skills in the areas of conference and strategic planning, volunteer coordination, customer service and her technical knowledge place her in a league of her own. Since meeting Tia a number of years ago at one of her conferences, there are a few things I know ‘for sure’ about her, she is caring yet professional, she has integrity and she operates with a spirit of excellence in everything that does. She wears many hats and I’d recommend her for them all. "
Jeanette Hill
Tia is a brilliant strategist and planner. She is meticulous and detailed in her organization skills and has a great knowledge base. She is outstanding with people and is timely in her work. Tia gets excellent results and has a drive that is unmatched by others. Her decision-making skills are superb and she has awesome team-building skills. I have worked with her for over twenty years and she has yet to not meet my expectations.
Vincent Alexandria

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